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   September 2007

01: superglue stitches - I fix up our Pit Bull Eleanor after she is mauled by a Labradoodle.
02: slow katydids in Rosendale - A movie and dinner in Rosendale.
03: refusing to be fixed or happy - A day spent on Sisyphean tasks.
04: many laptop parts are generic - Surprisingly, there are fewer proprietary pieces in a laptop than I used to think.
05: shop water - I hook up an old sink faucet to a reservoir consisting of a five gallon bucket.
06: the Fussies - Catty talk about the neighbors.
07: pitchfork futures - What can be done when a political system continues to destroy a nation and there is no check on the destruction?
08: Marie at the Secret Spot - We take our elderly cat when we go swimming in Esopus Creek.
09: laptop Darwinism - Evidence that the most rugged laptops are Toshibas.
10: too shady for Brian - A site inspector for a photovoltaic installation company decides the most-promising part of our roof is too shady.
11: water through wood - And trying to measure it with a multimeter.
12: highly-formalized array - Walking in the woods with the dogs.
13: perfectly plumb - Installing a second wooden pillar based on the location of a first.
14: Norton victim - You don't have to be too computer savvy to not have to use it at all.
15: decidedly orgy-free environment - Burritos and margaritas at the Armadillo and pool at the Hurley Mountain Inn.
16: autumnal music - Midlake and The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up.
17: PHP stats - Making web tracker embeds on the fly.
18: face guy - The unfortunate disfigured gentleman of Kingston.
19: elite of Armageddon encouragement - The 33% of ignorant Americans have an excuse, but no the right wing elite who leads them by the nose.
20: screen seamlessly among the knobs - A plan for making an old laptop into a high-tech living room stereo system.
21: frontend, backend, ax head, and ax handle - I graft an AJAX front end on a rating system with origins at
22: moving plywood with my Honda Civic hatchback - The the key is to use lots of rope and take advantage of the windows, even if it means climbing in through a window.
23: raising a small roof - From rafters to roofing, I build a twelve by eight foot roof in the course of a day.
24: these weren't squirrels - Carpentry culture and a large beast in the forest.
25: tax breaks for the unborn - Another tee shirt idea.
26: live woodshed - It lights up and has outlets.
27: West Virginia annex - I add a shanty to my woodshed.
28: old cardboard, phone books, and catalogs - The inlaws come for a dinner party.
29: Olana and Hudson - A short day trip to the northeast.
30: Garlic Festival, 2007 - We think we can raise an army to invade and occupy Iraq from this population?