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   August 2007

01: camera omens - First day in Glasgow with a temperamental camera.
02: tourists in Glasgow - Gretchen and I visit some museums and, again, the 13th Note.
03: hitchhiking to Ballachulish - Gretchen and I successfully try hitchhiking in Scotland.
04: the pipers of Ft. William - After a day traveling in and around Glen Coe, we ende up at a bed and breakfast in Onich.
05: Mallaig, Scotland - It even makes Fort William seem exciting and cosmopolitan.
06: fun with Norwegians - We meet a Norwegian couple while hitchhiking on Skye and later drink with them at a Portree pub.
07: north to Lairg - Hitchhiking from northern Skye to northern Scotland in a day.
08: myopia in Lairg - I become aware of nascent myopia while sitting at the dinner table of a Scottish bed and breakfast.
09: rusty nails in Dunblane - We go home with a hotel front desk clerk.
10: vegetarian haggis - Yet another big breakfast in Scotland, this time in Dunblane.
11: vaults of Edinburgh - We tour them during the Edinburgh Festival.
12: Scottish Parliament - It's controversial, but it works with me.
13: stuck outside Peebles - Our hitchhiking in Scotland grinds to a halt.
14: Pakistani bagpipers - We stumble into a strange celebration of Pakistani independence south of the River Clyde.
15: hummus through security - Could a Middle Eastern chick pea paste be a bomb? Perhaps not, if you can eat it.
16: multiple jihads - The greatest burden of a vacation always comes after it ends.
17: a better Picasa web export - Fixing it up on the fly, server-side.
18: beseeched by a hummingbird - I can't fake a red flower for a hummingbird with my lips, but I can be reminded by a hummingbird to refill its feeder.
19: thriving tomatoes - They're sending runners across the lawn.
20: justify the continued occupation - What to do when you're listening to good talk radio but are done with the menial task you began while listening to it.
21: professional soldering - I'd be at a loss without my DOM dump script.
22: step fairy - I build a set of steps for the neighbor as part of the appreciation owed her for dog sitting.
23: funnier with a Scottish accent - Watching So I Married an Axe Murderer and women's basketball.
24: early stories involving poo - Some of our earliest memories are of us being mortified by our bodily functions.
25: new glasses - Also, seeing a performance of Arm of the Sea Theater.
26: where does silicon come from - And where does hydrogen come from? Cheap energy, my friend.
27: need a more professional finish - Hacking a USB WiFi adapter into a Compaq Evo.
28: civic contribution buzz - I experience mild euphoria after appearing for a failed jury selection.
29: obeying the DMCA - Or just using a Mac and failing to.
30: tiny keyboard bones - Fun with a ThinkPad keyboard.
31: plastic shape treasure hunt - Looking for a specific shape to use as a cover for the Multiport thingie on the top lid of my Compaq laptop.