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Saturday, August 18 2007

I continued work on my server-side gallery engine, including code to slurp in the leaf pages, parse their content, and fix their links and add additional content on the fly. So much was now going on in the backend that I added some of the server-side caching tricks that I use for generating the indexes for the homespun blogging system you're now reading.

At one point today I was outside in the garden when I noticed a female hummingbird hovering about ten feet away looking directly at me. I pursed my lips to simulate a crude red flower, the kind hummingbirds supposedly find irresitable. But, though her brain was only the size of a pill bug, she wasn't that stupid. I had the feeling that she had a more serious agenda than did I. She was beseeching me to do something. Was there something I needed to do? Indeed there was; I hadn't refilled the hummingbird feeder since returning from Scotland!

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