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   great Indian food in Kingston NY
Monday, November 2 2009
Last night Gretchen went out with Deborah and it turned out that the new Indian restaurant in Uptown Kingston had opened, so they went there. The upshot of this is as follows: not only is there Indian food only six miles from home, but it's fucking delicious. I told Gretchen we should eat there tonight. Two nights in a row at the same restaurant, and Gretchen was fine with it. And the place has beef on the menu. That tells you something. In fact, originally Gretchen had planned to go to some stupid poetry reading, but then she got snuggly with Marie (aka the Baby) on the couch, and it seemed she wasn't going anywhere, but then she decided to go to the Indian restaurant instead.
So we went. The new restaurant is in the site of a lousy Chinese restaurant that was important in our early years in Hurley. It's the place at the corner of Wall and John Streets where Gretchen and I and close friends had lunch immediately after we were married back in 2003. And we did a couple Jewish Christmases there as well. It's the place that, as a Chinese restaurant, misled me into thinking I didn't much like Chinese food. That place won't be missed. But the new place, whatever it is called, is great. We began our meal with samosas and mulligatawny and both were incredibly delicious. Not only that, but I found an unexpected fondness for the onion-and-tomato salsa (I know, salsa isn't the right word) dish of the four-dish condiment rack that was brought out with our samosas. It's rare I get excited about just the sauce. Then there was the naan, which was more like garlic bread. And the curries, oh Sweet Mohammad. I could eat there every day. The staff were super friendly and used the word "please" as a kind of punctuation. I suspect that they're actually Pakistani, given that beef is on the menu and text on their front window speaks of "halal food," halal being the Muslim kosher.
We'll try to eat there a lot in the coming months. The prospects for restaurants are not good in Kingston, and Indian food is generally poor in the central Hudson Valley. So we'll do our little part in keeping the new restaurant alive. I'm hoping those who arrived here via Google will do the same.

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