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   November 2009

01: piss gutter - Keeping feces separate from urine.
02: great Indian food in Kingston NY - Indian food is hit-or-miss in the Hudson Valley, but a great new restaurant just opened only six miles away.
03: brownhouse lid - A way to seal away a toilet seat and an air supply. Also, I take my first brownhouse dump.
04: quicky graphing calculator - I write a little Javascript application while waiting for my time in prison to end.
05: trench for air and electricity - I dig another trench and ruin my fingers yet again.
06: socializing treefall risk - I rig a damaged tree north of the house so that it can only fall on utilities and public property, not anything I'd have to pay to replace.
07: Norfolk, Connecticut - The remnants of the band Boston and a large, seasonal campus.
08: Overlook Mountain - Craving French fries on a warm November day.
09: piss gutter rework - I go from four to two inch PVC to make room and develop a better solution to urine backup.
10: cidre de glace - I drink an ice cider and work on the brownhouse's lower sink.
11: drain extender pipe plug - A simple system for providing two drainage modes for a basin.
12: Manhattan ballroom gala - A gala with the governor for the New York League of Humane Voters.
13: the High Line - Another urban greenway made of abandoned railroad tracks.
14: momentary switches at Radio Shack - Still hiring the same kind of nerd 28 years later.
15: odorless brownhouse - Installing a fan for a more perfect outhouse experience.
16: pseudo-column - Using relationship-awareness to track down junk records.
17: Javascript grapher - And more spackling and fecal tea.
18: unfunny comedy - A review of Observe and Report, among other things.
19: insulating the drywell - And slow driving in Kingston, NY.
20: Javascript grapher - And more spackling and fecal tea.
21: drunken brownhouse overshares - At a party in Rhinecliff.
22: dead animal to old feet - A hangover and problems with brownhouse and boiler.
23: halo forging - Making something for an art show and watching Grey Gardens.
24: skeletonized pines and housesitters - A quasi-functional boiler sends me in search of easy-to-burn alternatives to oil.
25: diarrhea building to a boil - A little story that ends along a concrete barricade on I-295 in southwest New Jersey.
26: Thanksgiving, 2009 - Including a politician's fly-by.
27: 'leftovers' and a 'puppet show' - Also, the impulse to overprotect children.
28: DC Dogpark Tour 2009 - Visiting a couple new dog parks in Washington, DC.
29: nice weather and congestion - A bad day for road tripping home from Thanksgiving.
30: rod through tree - After an eye bolt pulls out of a tree in the wind, I run the bolt all the way through.