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   July 2011

01: Ray at 44 - A little get-together at our favorite Indian place.
02: large molehill - Improving the yard's surface drainage by building a long narrow ridge.
03: making a large low metal tray - It turns out you don't need a bending brake.
04: preemptive history revision - I edit John Quincy Adam's Wikipedia page in anticipation of the unfunny revisionism about to arrive from Michelle Bachmann's supporters.
05: socks and Crocs and Poison Ivy too - Salvaging firewood on a hot July day.
06: too much bleeding on the edge - I take delivery of an iPad2.
07: salt water naked - But not for everyone.
08: xcode4 ramp up - And using pseudoephedrine as a programming study aid.
09: inner chainsaw murderer - Also, repeatedly yanking a starter cord in 80 plus degree conditions.
10: trouble with a non-linear programming environment - How Interface Builder can lead a developer into xcode hell.
11: fracking canvased - Also, some satisfaction with iPhone development.
12: arc of spinach - Also, how long it takes for a television broadcast to end up in a Bittorrent swarm.
13: jailbroken - I finally free my iPhone.
14: waiting for the free - Time is money when waiting for your punctured tire to be mended.
15: a diet of free sick birds - A guy in front of me at Herzog's with a huge gut wearing cut-off sweat pants.
16: wrap my brain around cellulite - In the pool with some aging boomers.
17: repelling mosquitos when hands are greasy - Relying on the hyperchemical side-effects of a skin-care product.
18: bird cannons of Hurley - Random mid-summer explosions explained.
19: not those neural circuits - Ones not distracted by distant explosions.
20: bird cannons explained - Supposedly it's for some particularly voracious bird migration.
21: unseen in the infrared - What it's like when your environment rises to the temperature your body tries to maintain. Also, a Schrödingerian reveal
22: Operation Iraqi Freedom - The name of a new remodeling jihad.
23: there's no unskewing - Dealing with movement in a carpentry wall.
24: possibly imaginary Rottweiler - Security on the terrace above the Secret Spot on the Esopus.
25: fan brains - Will modern electronics play well with 19th Century electromechanical brains?
26: against the kuntry kottage rubric - Cleaner lines and more stainless steel as opposed to wicker inlays and gold accents on our new ceiling fans.
27: customized ceiling fan - I add a third light socket and modify the wiring.
28: Lowes' ecommerce is doomed - They called me on the phone after a failed transaction and then rejected a helpful chunk of content I contributed to their site.
29: first Katydids of 2011 - And in Woodstock for noodles and live folk music.
30: non-hoarderly forbearance - Not buying from yard sales or fancy Swedish import stores.
31: Asian kids during segregation - They weren't in the white schools, but they probably weren't in the black schools either.