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   August 2011

01: Esopus on and off - At the secret spot with a former prisoner and scholar.
02: unwilling to undertake ordinary prehensile tasks - It turns out the woodshed holds about three cords.
03: not all party bulbs are awesome - For example, the $5 one at Home Depot is not.
04: 44 cents less profit - Lowes sends me a letter containing a receipt for an ecommerce refund.
05: why is there no AAAA? - But the USA is AA!
06: biking a close for an evening - What I did when I had no car and wanted to go home after eight hours of socializing.
07: paint dries extra-slowly - A humid day and my father is not doing well down in Virginia.
08: clouds of gypsum dust - Cutting into jack studs to make a hole for a properly-orthogonal door.
09: hanging a door in the humidity - It's actually the best conditions for door hanging.
10: IDE reflexes - It's best when the conscious mind can be fully-devoted to a job, not getting around in that job.
11: bluestone and cellulosic resources - Why a nearby strip of woods has come to resemble a tidy parkland.
12: preparing for a week in the freezer - Winding down projects before another trip to Virginia.
13: pro-ugliness propaganda - The signs Virginia posts at its political boundaries.
14: IPAs at the Baja Bean - I didn't expect Mexican food to go so good with an port-like IPA.
15: seasonal wireless - Vegetation renders local wireless devices inoperable. Also, getting a printout of my Dad's successful medicinal cocktail.
16: coyotes: that's native American - I hear a commotion I never heard when I was a kid. It's new, it's native, and it's awesome.
17: valium and screwdrivers - Also, the great curation of IPAs in Staunton, VA.
18: hours on Beverly Street - One could do worse while visiting Staunton, Virginia. Also: copulating tortoises.
19: Shenandoah Valley public radio - Sometimes you don't really want locall-produced content.
20: late-August compost mites - Also: feedbacking hearing aids, urban deer fawns, and late summer mold spots.
21: one week garden stop action - Garden watching is not for the impatient, so sometimes a mid-August vacation is in order.
22: telephone circuitry timehole - It always takes longer than expected to fix telephone troubles.
23: another Jesusquake - Also: a reality show demonstrates that solitary confinement is torture.
24: pulling the trigger on the floor - Deciding to get an engineered hickory flooring for our upstairs.
25: appropriately-named Operation Iraqi Freedom - Gretchen unwitting gave this round of household improvements an apt title.
26: three ladies and three dogs - Old college friends in their forties get together and hit the town in Woodstock along with three black dogs.
27: Irene approaches - And some houseguests leave.
28: Irene in Hurley - Unprecedented rain from an unusually powerful tropical storm.
29: resorting to a generator - Our refrigerator begins to smell so we borrow a generator. Also: more of Irene's devastation.
30: picked over generator supplies - Don't go looking for such things at your local big box store in the aftermath of a hurricane.
31: please: use standard connectors on emergency equipment - Otherwise you're setting people up for injuries as they are forced to improvise around your proprietary nonesense.