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Sunday, August 7 2011

It was an unpleasantly humid and muggy day but for some reason I kept taking breaks from computer work to got split those enormous pieces of hickory. I'd like to have them split and stacked up as early in the summer as possible so they'll be dry by the heating season.
Gretchen and I applied primer to two of the doors we'd bought yesterday, but the weather made the paint try very slowly.
This afternoon I tore the door and jamb out of the rough opening to the basement master guest room. At first it seemed like the rough opening might be orthogonal enough to use as-is, but I would soon learn otherwise.

My mother called me this evening to tell me that my father has contracted CDF in the nursing home. It's an antibiotic-resistant intestinal bacteria common in medical settings and can only be spread by fecal-to-oral contamination. It's probably no coincidence that he came down with the infection soon after the staff began a program of spoon-feeding. That's right, my dad not only wears diapers, but now he depends on spoon feeding for nourishment. Such are the humiliations of not dying young.
Meanwhile the staff at the nursing home have developed an antagonistic relationship with my mother that might have begun with her refusal (when my father was admitted) to sign a statement waiving the right to sue and agreeing to arbitration instead. After that, they insinuated that perhaps my father had shown signs of abuse and would not be released into her custody should she seek to take him. They also said something about contacting adult protective services. If it were the family of anyone else, I'd immediately assume it was all some sort of redneck clusterfuck, but it's mine.

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