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Monday, August 8 2011


Throughout the day I cranked with newfound productivity on my ongoing xcode project, taking breaks now and then to split the last of the splittable firewood. It's looking like we're going to enter the heating season with four cords of firewood in stock which, if my estimates are correct, is enough to supply our needs until nearly 2014.
Another menial task providing welcome relief from the xcode IDE was the basement master guestroom bathroom door project, which, according to measurements provided by my level, needed considerable shaving of the rough opening in order to accommodate a properly-plumb door. So I didn't fuck around; I set an electric handsaw's depth at 3/8 of an inch and cut multiple grooves into the jack studs on opposite corners and then chiseled out the wood between the grooves. I then used an electric planer to smooth this unnecessary roughness out a little and also to remove projecting drywall. This sent up great clouds of gypsum dust, which in turn set off an optical (non-radioactive) smoke detector. It was good that tonight Gretchen was off volunteering at the Rosendale Theatre.

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