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Friday, July 8 2011

I've gradually been ramping up my involvement in iPhone and iPad development. If the idea were simply to teach myself the technology, I wouldn't have much motivation, and I'd probably lose my focus and do some sort of procrastinatious project such as assembling parabolic antennas from wire fencing. But I've already been given a project to work on, and yesterday evening I managed to coordinate with the folks who've hired me in order to get my iPad approved as a development device, meaning I can deploy software to it at will. You can probably guess my view of a machine for which you have to get approval from the corporation that made it before installing anything onto it, but that's the environment that has produced a demand for my skills, and (as I've already mentioned) it's a lesser devil than others can think of.
To help as a study aid, late this afternoon I took a recreational dose of pseudoephedrine. Though pseudoephedrine is not always a reliable focuser of the mind and can have effects ranging from sleepiness to an unquenchable desire for alcohol to obsessive desire for backbreaking physical labor. Tonight, though, it worked like a charm and I made considerable progress wrapping my mind around the xcode4 development environment. As you may recall, I actually have a little experience developing iPhone apps; I successfully made one designed to capitalize on Obama's popularity during its height, though I was never able to run it in anything but the simulator (and the flakes I was working with at the time dropped the ball on it). It turns out that I managed to do a number of interesting things in that app and that experience should be helpful in the future.

It rained today, but not enough fell to test my new water tower overflow deflection system. That will have to wait for a good solid summer cloudburst.

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