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Monday, April 1 2013
I've bit off a bit more than I wanted to on this current web project, and because of the effect of that on my morale, I haven't done any real work on it since Gretchen and I went to Silver Spring. Today, though, I took some pseudoephedrine and buckled down on it, knocking through some barriers (most of them arithmetic in nature).
This evening Gretchen and I made a sort of Mexican meal using beans and various odds and ends (mixed up into a "glurp") on a sort of puffy corn tortilla that I think we got at Trader Joe's. It was really good, and though there is no branch of Judaism that considers corn tortillas kosher for Passover, it doesn't offend Gretchen as much as the eating of, say, wheat bread. It's not even that she actually takes offense; she mostly just values the Passover bread fast as mechanism for making us appreciate regular bread more during the 357 days of the years when it's perfectly fine to eat. For Gretchen at this late stage of Passover, marginal grain products like corn enter a sort of Passover penumbra of forbiddenness, made even less forbidden by her intellectual awareness that not eating certain things on certain days makes no more sense than any other widely-held superstition.

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