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Monday, April 22 2013
I slept in the greenhouse again, which had me feeling unusually rested despite a little hangover I'd managed to give myself just by drinking booze while watching Game of Thrones. It's also possible that the three (or so) IPAs I drank in Palinville had some lingering effect. But most of the negative effects were in my gut, which is typical of a booze-based hangover (IPA hangovers tend to be more psychological).
The seed library guys are donating a couple hundred seed packets that are too old to sell to Gretchens' two upcoming book release parties, and today KMOCA Michæl (who handles some aspects of their business, particularly outreach to artists) came over with the packets (as well as a beautiful display shelf). He also had his dog Penny, and sp Gretchen and I walked with him in the dogs on a short loop in the forest. It was cold for this time of year, and I was actually a little underdressed.
On the way down the Stick Trail, we passed a large satellite dish that I'd salvaged over a year ago when Friendly's was being dismantled in Uptown Kingston (across Washington Street from the bus station; it's now a beer store). I'd used that dish for several completely unsuccessful WiFi experiments and then just left it. Though spray-painted camouflage and something of an eyesore, for some reason Gretchen has never mentioned it to me. Today, though, she said it would be nice if I either took it somewhere else or painted something other than ugly camouflage on it. "What, you want a photorealistic forest scene on it?" I asked. As for Michæl, he said something about "liking" satellite dishes.

My gut was especially troublesome this evening, so I decided to just lie on the couch and watch teevee. I still had one of those Nova shows about the ancient paleontology of Australia, the one with a focus on the Precambrian. This was the first time I'd ever seen anything on television about "Snowball Earth," which I first learned about several years ago while surfing Wikipedia entries.

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