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Friday, April 5 2013
There's a kind of person whose conversational style is to fill empty spaces in the dialog (or even spaces that might be better filled by something else) with reiterations of things that have already been said. I'm working for a woman who has this style, and it's made me dread our phone meetings. Today's meeting went on for two hours, though it only contained roughly 30 minutes of content. I need to rehearse a conversational escape hatch.
Tomorrow Gretchen and I would be driving out to western Massachusetts for the night, and on the day we'd be returning we'd be having a new long-term houseguest, a guy named Joseph who needed a place to stay during an upcoming five week internship at the farm animal sanctuary in Willow. So this afternoon Gretchen and I went on something of a jihad to first clean his room (the Gunther Room near the boiler room). That cleaning mostly consisted of removing a litter box, vacuuming up spilt cat litter and cobwebs, and sponging grime off of surfaces. We also had to move in some furniture and set up a bed (a brand new "full" that replaces the futon we'd moved to the greenhouse upstairs). Then I went around cleaning up the house generally so our new house guest wouldn't get a first impression from the kind of grime that our house tends to have in the aftermath of a winter. [REDACTED]

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