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   April 2013

01: corn penumbra - For a secular Jew like Gretchen, corn isn't terrible to eat during Passover, but it's not great either.
02: Ramona's abstract expressionism - And no, it's not poop or puke.
03: big screens and cold fingers - I can't give Gretchen alonetime because I can't just move my development setup.
04: Reichel Road ammo cache - I find a broken safe in the forest. Also, watching Buckwild.
05: 30 minutes of content - Phone meetings not to look forward to. And cleaning up the end-of-winter grime.
06: life's work at MassMOCA - We attend the opening of a friend.
07: house guest from Quebec - After we return from Massachusetts, an intern moves into our basement.
08: minor catastrophes along the way - Things that can go wrong while quickly installing software and not paying close attention.
09: lost a second time - Hiking in a monotonous landscape not far from home.
10: designing is not something I do - But today I do it because I have to, using pencil, paper, and Adobe Photoshop.
11: the way I play Grand Theft Auto - I don't do the missions, I explore the landscape.
12: computer is too weak - It's good for nearly everything I do, but it can't play a video game from as recently as 2008.
13: like I am missing out - How to kick a psychological addiction.
14: math of Bittorrent - If I give you 1/100th of a second of HD video, was piracy committed?
15: fussy real time clock batttery - Another reason my solar hot water system fails to collect solar heat. Also, explosions at the Bostom Marathon.
16: Red Shouldered Hawk - Also, the relationship between earthquakes and the approval of gay marriage.
17: a moralizing Hollywood ending - Gretchen and I watch Flight, a Denzel Washington vehicle.
18: splitting locust - It splits fairly easily when green.
19: like Grand Theft Auto - The shit goes down for the Boston Marathon bombers.
20: Ramona's special stick - Also, a hangover and trouble with LGA 775 motherboards.
21: golden age of television - It comes up at a party in Palinville. And then I watch one of the best scenes in one of the quintessential shows of that age.
22: persistent dish - A delivery of seeds, and a legacy of a recent WiFi experiment in the forest.
23: projects executed by special education students - The depressingly-unsatisfying task of hand-making shipping boxes from stock cardboard.
24: bloodied biker - Eleanor turns, if you will.
25: brown burqa on Dug Hill Road - Trying to tempt Eleanor into getting shocked by her shock collar.
26: vintage hardware emulation - Also, a day spent in network hell in Tivoli.
27: silence of the Maritime - Ramona gets quilled by a porcupine as Gretchen and I leave for the City.
28: book party sans vino - Pushing the limits of my lack of dependence on alcohol.
29: it's a wonder anything gets destroyed - Blue collar guys on the streets of Manhattan.
30: two biggish shots - That seems to be the smallest way to end a day that began with 120 milligrams of pseudoephedrine.