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Tuesday, June 4 2013
At various times today, I worked on three different web projects, including that horrible lingering one originating from that university down in Westchester County. My pattern of late is to work for an hour or so and then take a break by weeding the gardens (there are now technically three). We'd had two garden harvests before today: asparagus some weeks ago and bok choy yesterday. But the most prolific garden plant to date is some sort of mustard green that has been spreading like a weed. Today I found myself actually pulling it up by the roots to give nearby lettuce more of a chance. Gretchen later cooked these and other mustard greens down, mixed them with spinach from the store, and included them in a polenta bake.
Last night, Gretchen had made a stir fry with fresh bok choy from the garden and tempeh, and this had reminded me that I hadn't made tempeh in awhile. So I'd lightly ground 16 ounces of dry soy beans in a burr mill and set them aside to soak in water. Today I boiled yesterday's beans for a half hour, added a third of a cup of vinegar, let it cool to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, mixed in a teaspoon of tempeh starter powder, and placed it in plastic bags that I then perforated multiple times on both sides. Finally I set those bags aside to incubate on the fold-down screen-bottomed tray above my always-on Japanese hot water pot. Now all I had to do was wait for the hyphae to knit the soy beans together.

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