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Sunday, June 30 2013
Ray would be turning 46 tomorrow, but he decided to have a little party at his house today. He hardly ever even communicates with us these days, but he nevertheless invited us. And so of course Gretchen felt obligated to make a cake even if she was feeling somewhat abandoned by Ray. We were both feeling pretty miserable about even going over there after Nancy called and said we shouldn't bring the dogs if it was raining. And it was raining.
But for about twenty minutes this afternoon it stopped raining, and it was during that time that we decided to go down there, bringing the dogs of course. I ran Eleanor and Ramona around in the far backyard and Gretchen eventually came out with Ray and Nancy's dog Jack (who loves to run around with Ramona at full speed). I saw a rabbit at the very distant end of the lawn, but it was sitting perfectly still and waiting for the moment when it was least likely to be noticed by the dogs. And then, blip, it vanished into the bushes. Those bushes included a number of ripening berries: Black Raspberries and Russian Olives (the former being much tastier than the latter). And there was also a mulberry tree producing enormous quantities of fruit (which was sweet but otherwise was devoid of flavor).
Back inside the house, it ended up being a crazy dog party with Linda and Adam's dog Buzzy, Jack, Eleanor, Ramona, and a dark bluish Australian Shepherd named Merl who had been brought by the friend of Nancy's older brother David. Eventually, though, it was just too crazy, especially once Linda & Adam's baby Jonah started crawling around the floor, so we put Ramona, Eleanor, and Jack out on the front porch (which is screened in). They were a bit lonely out there, occasionally rising up onto their hind feet to look through the screen at the party they were missing out on. But then they'd start playing with each other again (mostly just Ramona playing with Jack), and they'd forget all about us. By this point about the only thing Ramona wanted to do was hump Jack's face.
Ray had made another one of his pan-Asian noodle dishes, which was yummy enough that I didn't save any room for cake. Though there were a few people, including Ray, drinking alcoholic beverages, it was all sort of being done almost beneath the radar. Strangely, nobody offered me anything and so I didn't drink.
We didn't stay long, even though we were parked-in by "the Chief" (the wacky golf-obsessed creator of sardonic teeshirts) and his wife.
As for the weather, about the only break in today's unrelenting series of downpours came during that 20 minute window when the rain let up enough for us to justify bringing our dogs.

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