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   Rickrolled at the dentist
Monday, June 17 2013
I went to the dentist's office again in West Hurley for the first visit related to replacing the ill-fitted crown on my punk rock tooth. This dentist is a cool guy, having once played keyboard for a band that produced a hit pop song, and his office is full of Buddhas and little water fountains, but for some reason the Pandora station being played on the multipurpose computer in the room where they worked on my tooth was absolutely dreadful. It started off with a non-ironic Rick Astley song and eventually got around to reminding me of the existence of "Easy Lover" by Phil Collins. I was curious how the dentist was going to remove the old crown, and he said simply "I'm going to drill it." "Drill baby drill," I agreed. It was really on there and the drilling went on for awhile, producing clouds of noxious-smelling dust. When the tooth finally came off, I ran my tongue across where it had been and felt almost nothing at all. I wondered if there was enough there to attach a new crown to. Evidently this was not a problem; the dentist installed a fibreglass post, took some casts of my teeth, and quickly fashioned me an acceptable-looking temporary crown. It all went surprisingly quickly and didn't involve any medication whatsoever.
On my way home, I drove down to Hurley Mountain Road and managed to wrestle two large chunks of locust from the side of the road into the back of the Subaru (this was the mission I'd tried to run the other day). The pieces were so big that I could only get two into the car, and even then they were at the limits of what I could lift. They were also somewhat tainted by Poison Ivy, so when I got home I had to wash the exposed parts of my body thoroughly. (Gretchen was recently exposed to Poison Ivy, probably while walking dogs at the SPCA, and she has a number of angry rashes in diverse parts of her body.)

I experienced some reliability issues with my Raspberry Pi's WiFi-based networking this evening, so I found myself testing and debugging the damn thing in the laboratory (since it had become otherwise unreachable). I was kind of hoping, what with its predictable hardware and targeted Linux distribution, the Raspberry Pi would have the kind of reliability that has proved elusive when installing Linux on various forms of hardware designed for Windows. Then again, the WiFi dongle was the one thing that the Raspberry Pi hadn't come with, and I've learned from experienced that WiFi hardware tends to be flakey, almost as flakey as Chinese-made USB-to-serial adapters. But for the applications I anticipate using a Raspberry Pi to do, reliable WiFi networking will be essential.

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