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   September 2013

01: Ring of Fire - An annual Labor Day Eve spectacle on Great Sacandaga Lake.
02: wooden brake line plugs - A bush solution to brake problems in the Adirondacks.
03: the Sack & Dagger - Another couple visits to Wells and a naming idea for a local Irish Pub.
04: Oaxaca Wednesday - Also: trying to predict what toilet paper will look like from the way it feels on my asshole.
05: panning for gold on the Sacandaga - You never know until you try.
06: the recycling bin behind Trader Joe's - Accidentally throwing away too much on the drive back from the Adirondacks.
07: good marijuana mix card - Partying by myself in the greenhouse upstairs.
08: chaotically-deformed metal - Fixing the Honda Civic Hybrid's hood as best I can after it was dented by a doomed deer.
09: brakelines and hexagons - A dirty exploration under my Subaru and mathematically plotting a grid of hexagons on a Google map.
10: doomsday entertainment - Another outlet for crazy people on television.
11: sweaty September - Sweating just from walking dogs in the forest.
12: old-dog concern - Scary thunderstorms pass through and scare more than just Eleanor, the oldest dog.
13: dating Upstate - Fixing some things for Sarah the Vegan in West Hurley.
14: upgrade to handmade artifact - Finishing a long-procrastinated painting to be used as the cover art of Gretchen's next book.
15: sour metallic - Someone passes gas at the Indian restaurant.
16: eat my shit - What katydids say over and over.
17: Canary Creek hunter platforms - Also: pulling cable next to wasps.
18: good seeds and bad seeds - Some are yummy, some are marginally-fruitful, and some are spawn of Satan.
19: easy in the hard - The ease of importing from MySQL to SQLite.
20: late September harvest - It's 9-20, so it's time to reap what has been sewn.
21: return of the crazy bear - The dogs chase the bear who will not be treed. Also, powering through some Lightroom development roadblocks.
22: clear vision of how to proceed - I reach a long-sought-after milestone in working on my latest (and, up until today, nearly impossible) programming project.
23: tofu skins in Stone Ridge - The worst dish on the Momiji menu.
24: bear bites dog - While hiking beyond the Canary Valley, the dogs and I come upon a mother bear with several babies.
25: the mighty Teays - Some glaciology research on the day before Gretchen's book tour.
26: greenhouse radio pod - Improving wireless connectivity near the greenhouse.
27: the catfished - Watching an MTV reality show about people who fall romantically for fake internet identities.
28: small, sharp fragments of shale - They make my feet tender this late in the barefoot season.
29: Baby Blue - Exploring the highlands east of the gorge across Dug Hill Road and watching the Breaking Bad finale.
30: seven years of the Baby - Also, I cook my first meal four days after Gretchen left me on my own.