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   October 2013

01: leaving Clarence treed - He's a pain to walk with so when he climbs a tree, I sense opportunity.
02: Ramona plays apex predator - She finds a dead deer near the bus turnaround. And I learn some technical things about the Blues.
03: when the cat's away the mice shave their heads - I was tired of looking like John Denver.
04: the big walk - I emerge on Dug Hill Road near the house with the rebar spider webs.
05: unseen attack - Eleanor gets beaten up in the forest and requires the attention of a vet.
06: the pain of eleven punctures - Ramona's first day of recovery from whatever happened yesterday.
07: Nolan the vanishing Great Pyrenees - Gretchen returns from her long midwest road trip with a dog rescued from Lexington, Kentucky.
08: searching and finding - Looking in a nearby field for Gretchen's wallet.
09: fierce chipmunk - Stopping to socialize with the smallest mammal that willingly shows himself in public.
10: Gypsy of a strange and distant time - Spelunking into Youtube's Moody Blues content.
11: if faith has any function - Saying something a little shocking in a social situation (and not the thing about whores from Yonkers).
12: electrical trench that can also carry water - Digging a trench from the woodshed to a nearby tree.
13: positive value to pine needles - Gathering a useful autumnal commodity and burying stinky material in the garden.
14: scouting the boughs of a tree - Looking for a place to hide radio electronics.
15: Breaking Bad yet another final time - Gretchen finally sees the finale.
16: schadenfreude-based hunger - Something only Rachæl Maddow can satisfy. Also the Olive Garden and Gravity, the movie.
17: lasagna Jeopardy party - Watching teevee and eating baked pasta with one of Gretchen's co-workers.
18: more enigmatic and homuncular - A relaxing Friday night after learning I a meeting will be postponed.
19: the Baby still eats - A mass on our oldest cat is probably cancer, but as long as she continues eating we'll let her do her thing.
20: pain deep in my finger - Unable to get any pus out of it, I soak it in a hot saline solution.
21: some kind of season - In the woods in the penumbra around hunting season.
22: wet food and antibiotics - Keeping our ancient cat happy on the long road down.
23: a way the Lightroom SDK doesn't suck - Also, how Wednesday is like my Friday these days.
24: pot protocol fail - For once I bring my own pot to an occasion and of course I completely fuck up the protocol.
25: hundreds of pounds of rock - Continuing the excavation of the west half of the greenhouse floor.
26: open crack in the bedrock - Now I know how water can flow through it.
27: technically satisfying an agreement with myself - Working in the greenhouse is so addictive that I am forced to set some rules.
28: yet to happen with this series - My obsessive tendencies are currently poorly-channeled.
29: superglue stock tip - I slice open my thumb on a sharp piece of shale.
30: shiny phone and a floor girder - Gretchen renews her Verizon contract and I fashion a girder to hold up the increasingly-undermined greenhouse floor.
31: rainy Halloween floor girder installation - Monitoring ground water behavior on the first rainy day since I began excavating the western half of the greenhouse floor.