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Tuesday, October 29 2013
I worked fairly doggedly on the Lightroom plugin until the client called and postponed our meeting for a week. That took the pressure off and I could do the only thing I really enjoy doing right now: excavating the west half of the greenhouse's bedrock floor. I was at the point where I couldn't remove any more rock without undermining things that needed to be supported by that rock. So I brought down a car jack and used it to support a planter table and part of the east-half deck while I removed the stone beneath those things. It was all shale and could be taken apart by just plucking pieces out by hand, although I worked a bit too fast and managed to slice open my right thumb against a piece of rock that was as sharp as a finely-serrated knife. The cut bled profusely for a few minutes but then something happened within my thumb and not only did the bleeding stop, but I could barely even see the cut. I could still feel it, though, and to keep it from bothering me, I applied a layer of superglue over it. (Ray tells me that this is a common way for poorly-insured chefs to deal with cuts in restaurant kitchens.) Stock tip: superglue is going to experience reduced demand once Obamacare kicks in in ernest.
It was a cool day followed by a fairly cold evening. It being October, I was a bit remiss in keeping the woodstove stoked, and at some point Gretchen complained. "You're not mad at me, are you?" I asked in exasperation, to which she pointed out, "Look, you can't be remiss about stoking the fire, not want to turn on the boiler, and also expect me not to be irritated." "I see your point," I agreed. And I also stoked the fire. But burning wood just reminds me that I need to do some firewood gathering, which is just another activity that cuts into time I want to spend on my greenhouse excavation project.

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