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Saturday, September 28 2013
Not willing to risk another incident with the local bear population, I took the dogs on a walk at a time and through a region that Gretchen might have gone (although I think I went a bit further east than she normally goes). After I got back, I made myself a fabulous bagel containing avocado, jalpeño peppers, fake mayonnaise, fake turkey, lettuce, home grown tomato, and brown Trader Joe's mustard. I don't care what anyone says, the bagels from the Hannaford bakery are pretty damn good.
I took a laptop and a cordless DECT 6.0 phone on a few walks today to determine whether the new "radio pod" was adding sufficient wireless range for those devices. At some point I discovered that the DECT 6.0 repeater was only getting about 0.9 volts instead of the 6.5 volts it required. I'd tried to give it 6.5 volts by using the 5 volt line as ground and the 12 volt line as VCC (7 volts), but in practice the difference between those lines was only 0.9 volts. I think the power supply was a dud, and swapping it out helped. After doing the swap, I powered the repeater with just the five volts between ground and the five volt line, and that seemed to work okay.
Most of the walking I'd done today had been barefoot, and by the end of the day my feet were feeling tender. The roughest stuff to walk on had been the small, sharp fragments of shale littering the Mountain Goat Path section of the Gulleys Trail, although the rough and random pieces of bluestone in the valley between our house and the house of our downhill neighbors hadn't helped. (I never normally go there, but I'd gone through there twice today to check the wireless signals.)

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