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   unprocrastinated chainsaw sharpening
Thursday, December 5 2013
Yesterday I'd done a little firewood-related work in the nearby forest (as much as 150 feet south of the Chamomile), cutting up both small downed oaks (and something punkier) as well as a medium-large treefall high on a steep slope. As I'd worked, though, I'd become increasingly aware of the dullness of the chainsaw chain. Working with a dull chain is an invitation to accidents, because the longer one spends and the harder one presses with a saw, the more fatigue develops, and fatigue leads to preventable mistakes. So today I decided to sharpen up some of my old Stihl-compatible chains (I had five dull chains, but only three of them seemed have a tooth pitch matching the current settings on my chain sharpener). I've procrastinated the sharpening of those chains for years (that's why I had so many dull ones), but (as with anything), chainsaw sharpening is easy once you develop the correct rhythm. This isn't to say the chains I sharpened are now any good; I won't know until I take them out and try to use them. But I buzzed every blade at what seemed like the correct angle, so they have to be better than they were. But outside it was raining, very foggy, and not especially cold, so there would be no testing the chainsaw today.

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