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Sunday, December 8 2013
This evening the plan was to celebrate Sarah the Vegan's birthday with a meal at our new favorite restaurant, Kodomo in the King's Mall (the dreary proto-mall just north of Home Depot). Gretchen was already out with Nancy and Sarah watching some sort of theatre thing in Rhinebeck, so the idea was that I'd drive down to Ray and Nancy's place to ride with Ray. The Subaru was encrusted with icy snow and it was difficult to dig down to the windshield, so I only cleared enough to be able to drive.
At Kodomo, the food was as great as it had been back when I'd come here with Gretchen and her parents a couple weeks ago. Gretchen had been to Kodomo several additional times since then, but credit for discovering the place ultimately goes to Ray and Nancy, who told Gretchen that it was an unexpected find.
During dinner, there was an exchange of holiday gifts (though I hope Sarah got a bit more than everyone else, since it was her birthday too). The gifts to her included a pair of socks I'd picked up for Gretchen at Old Navy as well as an "obsessive" chef's cutting board that was actually a regift of something Gretchen had just gotten from her parents. (I knew it would be a regift when I noticed Gretchen hadn't removed it from its shrink raft a good 20 minutes after getting it.) What made it obsessive was the labeled grid of suggested cutting dimensions for various styles of slicing.
The others all went on to watch a movie, but I didn't have the attention span for that, so took the car Gretchen had been driving and drove home on my own. Back at the house, the dogs were acting crazy from not having gotten enough exercise today, so I walked them up the Farm Road and back, gathering a little loose firewood along the way.

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