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   December 2013

01: preparing for bifocality - And also preparing to lift buckets of rock from deep in the ground.
02: short-lived toys for Ramona - Also, the hopelessness of fighting a water table with a waterfall pump.
03: firewood depleted beyond the Farm Road - Sometimes I have it in me to salvage firewood when I need it. Today I didn't.
04: trolling the aged peers of my youth - The religiously-vapid and low-information gut-thinkers among my Facebook friends.
05: unprocrastinated chainsaw sharpening - I finally do something about my collection of dull chainsaw chains.
06: a clock against which to race - Cannot suspend my disbelief while watching reality television.
07: skip-forward button for humans? - Some people are perfectly nice but infuriatingly slow.
08: a little loose firewood along the way - At Kodomo to celebrate Sarah the Vegan's birthday.
09: the Baby's seizure - Our elderly cat has a momentary unexpected health problem.
10: advances in blanket fiber technology - A shopping spree at Marshalls to get more of the new ultra-soft breed of blankets.
11: medieval city of fractal complexity - Migrating an application that took decades to build. And the continued feasibility of just-in-time firewood gathering.
12: waves of gut pain - Unable to do much more than watch Moonshiners and read Jared Diamond.
13: home fires burning - Also: muttering an atheist prayer for Todd Hoffman's complete failure.
14: Tis the season - Three kinds of marijuana and three Christmas trees.
15: friends doing things slowly - Quite a few of our women friends take a long time to do things.
16: entering the bifocal phase - Beginning to learn how to wear eyeglasses with two different focal ranges.
17: read that sentence a second time - Describing a tricky debugging issue on a cold wintery day.
18: pot in the brownhouse - A new place to get stoned.
19: which driver crashed? - It's easier to determine than it initially seems.
20: 13 pounds of ashes - The result of over a month of heavy firewood use.
21: off to Curaçoa - Landing in the topics at night with two other related families.
22: Cholula and Polar Beer - First full day in Curaçao (with snorkeling).
23: black fish territories inside the school of yellow-orange fish - Snorkeling at Jan Thiel.
24: not going to the sea aquarium - Snorkeling a seawall with sea urchins instead.
25: Jewish Christmas in the Caribbean - Chinese food and a Bollywood DVD.
26: burnt plastic neighborhood - A stroll through residential Curaçao on an ill-fated booze purchasing mission.
27: snorkeling in deep water - A final snorkel out beyond the southwestern sea wall of the resort.
28: seventeen and a half hours of travel - Three flights from Curaçao to Albany.
29: multiple simultaneous logins in Google Chrome - A better paradigm for Facebook trolling.
30: pan/tilt webcam with telescope - The telescope makes the pan/tilt more useful.
31: firewood backpack - Using arms to carry things is a waste of energy.