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   Ramona starts coughing too
Wednesday, April 8 2015
This afternoon, we took the dogs to the Hurley vet so Eleanor could get her coughing diagnosed. We had to take her to a special examination room with its own door to the outside so she wouldn't contaminate the waiting room. The vet pressed on her trachea and Eleanor immediately launched into a mild coughing fit, confirming a diagnosis of kennel cough. According to the vet, it's caused by both a virus and a strain of bacteria. Since the ship had already sailed on the viral cause, the treatment was a wide-spectrum antibiotic, in this case doxycycline. We would also be given a presciption for torbutrol, a narcotic designed to control coughing. We decided that it was probably a good idea to inoculate Ramona against kennel cough in case she'd been infected (or was in the process of being infected by Eleanor). So took Eleanor back to the car and brought Ramona to the same examination room. Unfortunately, though, I'd neglected to put a leash on her, and, since the door into the building was open, she immediately ran down the hall into the waiting room, where she befriended a smallish collie-like dog. When I finally had her back in the examination room, the vet and vet tech were jokingly referring to her as "Typhoid Ramona." The inoculation for kennel cough came in the form of a fluid sprayed up Ramona's nose. $140 later, we were out of there.

Later this evening, I was in the brownhouse taking care of business when I saw a bright blue flash. Initially I thought something electronic had spectacularly failed, but then I heard a loud boom, the first thunder of 2015. It had been lightly raining, but the sudden electrical discharge came as a complete surprise.
Back in the house, Gretchen rhetorically asked, "Guess who started coughing?" The answer to that question was Ramona, of course. Gretchen gave her a half tablet of torbutrol and I gave her one of Eleanor's doxycyclines. Hopefully between her inoculation, the antibiotics, and the fact that we'd caught it so early, Ramona's kennel cough can be reversed before her trachea gets too irritated.

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