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   Suzy takes Adderall
Thursday, April 9 2015
I told my Lightroom/Webapp client that he probably shouldn't come over until he has a check for me. I know he's paid me about $30,000 on this project so far, but I'm not the one who keeps demanding additional features. In the face of this request, he decided to have a phone meeting instead of our usual in-person meeting in my laboratory.
Gretchen caught a flight this afternoon for Minneapolis, where she would be attending the annual AWP conference. Not long after she left, I drove with the dogs out to 9W to get some provisions: cat toys, antifreeze, bits of PVC for my barometric weather vane project, habañero sauce (four bottles!), mango smoothie, two small eggplants, a six pack of Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale, and distilled spirits (which I am now buying at less than half the rate that I used to buy them). ShopRite is a thoroughly depressing supermarket with a eye-avertingly non-photogenic white trash clientel, but it has a concentration of things I like that I can only get there (unless I go to specialty stores like Beer World). This includes Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale, large bottles of mango smoothie, and Sontava Habañero hot sauce.
This evening I did the usual thing I do when Gretchen is gone. It involved beer, gin, scotch, crumbs of marijuana from a jar, and a mixture of Facebook and Youtube. I thought it would be comic gold for Suzy (my most successful troll) to, instead of ranting unadulterated crazy in grammatically-spotty all-caps, write a coherent grammatically-sound paragraph about how she'd just returned from her doctor with a prescription for a new drug she'd never heard of called "Adderall." Of course, there would still have to be some classic Suzy crazy in there, so she ended the post by saying she was now off to filter Google News using the keyword "Benghazi."

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