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   tramadol gets me through
Saturday, May 16 2015
I had a sore throat again this morning but again managed to power through it. I had a couple of large tasks I needed to complete today, so I took a 50 milligram dose of veterinarian tramadol and got 'er done. The first task of the day was to write the complete online journal entry for the recent day spent at Dollywood and trying to get to Charlotte and then home. The result was a 34 kilobyte file, which I believe to be the longest journal entry I have ever written. Prior to that, the longest entries were for March 21st, 1998 (a little over 32k) and April 19th, 1998 (31k), although that last one contained a fair amount of transcribed text.
The second large task was going through that 57 page PDF of website vulnerabilities and coming up with an action plan and timetable for dealing with them. That was about the least-exciting job I have ever done in my line of work.
The tramadol had me feeling more social than I otherwise would have, and so when Sarah the Vegan came over to meet Gretchen and walk the dogs, I didn't do what I normally do (hide out in my laboratory), but came down and socialized. I even spontaneously came up with a pet name for Sarah ("Crazy"), something more expected from the likes of a George W. Bush.
This evening, the left side of my throat was hurting so badly that I finally did what everyone recommends: I gargled saltwater. But somehow this managed to make the pain worse, and I had difficulty falling asleep after going to bed.

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