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Wednesday, October 21 2015
Today was another reasonably warm day, and falling on the heals of the recent cold snap (the one that brought the first frost of the season), it did wonders for my mood, much the way the first warm days of spring do. Obviously, from an cerebral perspective, I'm fully aware that the season is going to ratchet colder and colder, but the part of me that knows that is part controlling my mood. It certainly helped that I heard Katydids once again late this afternoon. They're an ominous sound in late July, but in late October, they're a sign of hope and endurance in the face of adversity. Evidently the two nights of freezing conditions hadn't killed them all off. Still guys, it's getting late, and the bar is about to close. Pick the prettiest Katydidess who will have you and stumble home!
The first chore of the day was to use screws to attach a 38-inch-wide piece of steel roofing to the back of the bookshelf I'd built yesterday, which fortuitously turned out to be almost exactly the same width, even though that width was just the result of cutting the six-foot-long one-by planks exactly in half. The only cutting I had to do of the roofing was to reduce its length from eight feet to six feet (and somehow I avoided cutting myself despite all that sharp metal I was working in). The roofing will provide support for the shelves along their lengths (in the back) and also create a vapor barrier between the masonry wall (a potential source of moisture) and the books. The impetus for the whole basement project (the new waterproof flooring and the removal of all that funky drywall on the southmost wall of the basement) has been to make the basement a more pleasant, less moldy place.
Today's firewood salvage came to just over 100 pounds, with 50.25 going directly into the house and 50.0 going to the woodshed. Later I would add 3.3 pounds to the indoor tally from cardboard cartons that had contained flooring.
This evening, you see, I finally got around to completing a job Gretchen has wanted me to do for a couple weeks now: installing flooring in the basement walk-in closet. As I started that chore, Gretchen began preparing a noodle bake, one of my favorite of her comfort foods (though, of course, I make it considerably less comfortable by dumping in shitloads of habañero sauce). I would go on to have a second dinner of noodle bake at 11:00pm. Installing vinyl flooring isn't arduous work, but it makes me hungry and I can feel it in my back the next day.

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