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   October 2015

01: Ahmed Mohamed homage kablamage - I add a feature to my custom clock in homage to the kid who was hassled for being an intelligent Muslim.
02: clock procrastination - I can't focus on anything because of my Ahmed Mohamed clock.
03: a kind of micro-SD card that doesn't much exist - But I'm going to need it if I want my clock to play audio files.
04: unnecessary hippie shit - Seeing a film at the Woodstock Film Festival and then eating pizza. Also, a semi-tame warbler and a band from Australia.
05: the creatures of late summer - A snake, a spider, a katydid, and bumblebees.
06: superfans in Bearsville - The Wood Brothers turn out to be too roots rocky and jam bandy for my liking.
07: humanure and garlic - Despite a late batch of mosquitoes, I complete a few outdoor chores.
08: the importance of B-12 - Gretchen and I realize we haven't been having senior moments since we began taking supplements.
09: ashes in the woods, bleach in my eye - An emerald ash borer survey and a mishap while bleaching mold on a ceiling.
10: one less squirrel and too much coffee - I have to buy a drink with art and I have some limited luck with an audio module.
11: meeting Mark's brother - As always, Mark randomly appears, this time at around dinner time.
12: the first board for my clock - I hadn't had to make one until today.
13: I'll never be an Apple partisan - Between the proprietary cables they quickly abandon and glued-together zero-maintenance pieces of consumer crap, they represent a big part of the problem with our disposable society.
14: wanting to fling a Macbook - For a supposedly user-friendly device, Mac sure makes it hard to create an FTP user.
15: Dysons Spheres, Chinese food, and shitty Time Warner - Dinner with Susan & David in Bearsville.
16: rewatched in the future - I see Back to the Future for the first time since 1985 and actually enjoy the first episode of the new season of Gold Rush. Also, Gretchen flies to Raleigh.
17: night before the first frost - The end of the growing season is forecast for tomorrow morning.
18: what plants hate frost - Also, dogs discover delicious flavor packets left in the forest by a road-resurfacing crew.
19: no better just-in-time firewood - Some wood shouldn't spend any time in a woodshed.
20: pine needles, 2015 - Also, a dead woodpecker, a visiting dog, and making a bucket full of shit start stinking again.
21: pick the prettiest Katydidess - Another warmish day and I hear Katydids again.
22: sculpting an image - Using less paint on my brush, I stumble into a new technique.
23: pick the prettiest Katydidess - Another warmish day and I hear Katydids again.
24: lighter purchasing in New York - Evidently one has to be a proper adult to do this, and determining whether I am one is somehow still not a trivial cognitive task.
25: beer, soup, and tea - Friends have me over to move a couple of things and serve me liquid refreshments.
26: tick squisher vs. Cory Booker - Topics discussed over vegan noodlebake.
27: until the next firewood-gathering season - No more firewood for the woodshed.
28: hardluck in the remains of a hurricane - A man addressed me alone as Gretchen and I walk back to our car in the rain.
29: sound voodoo and decrepit vintage Macintoshes - A day spent in different kinds of hardware. And I cut my hair.
30: Halloween dog party - Also, my clock goes out into public.
31: asked her to dress back up as a nurse - Seeing An American Werewolf in London for the second time 34 years later.