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Sunday, October 25 2015
I'd overdone it last night and awoke this morning with a mid-grade hangover. It had rained some last night, so I wasn't too excited about salvaging freshly-moistened fire wood. The only that I brought home was a single 30.4 pound piece while giving the dogs their morning walk.
A little before 3:00pm, Gretchen returned from her evening in the City and I left shortly thereafter to give her some alone time. Susan and David had invited me over to help with their many home improvement projects. Of critical importance was the carrying of mattress out to Susan's studio. Contractors would be arriving tomorrow to spray-foam their basement gut-renovation, meaning the air in their house would not be healthy to inhale for the next several days. They and their dogs would all be living in the studio, which has a bathroom, heat, and running water but no kitchen. It took Susan and David awhile to get ready for the help I was there to provide, so one of the things I did while I waited was to check out David's new woodshed. The roof was delightfully overengineered, featuring 3/4 inch treated plywood decking and rafters that appeared to be spaced only about 12 inches apart (by contrast, on my woodshed the rafters are 24 inches apart and the decking is probably 7/16ths inch or maybe even less). When I climbed up there and walked around, it was more solid than the floor of my laboratory, though, unlike the floor of my laboratory, it sloped five or ten degrees northward. By this point, Susan and David had both materialized, and I got a chance to look inside one of their two concrete-block buildings, to which they'd just been granted access by the property's previous owners (it had been storing art, and that art had only just been removed; one of the buildings will continue to store art for another year). David intends to add some windows and more electrical outlets and turn it into a studio he can work in.
In addition to the mattress we moved, there was a day bed that had to come out of storage and go up to their loft, which might end up being a teevee room some day when all the renovations are over. And after I'd done that, we were done for the day. David gave me an Abita Wrought Iron IPA (it had a nice orange flavor, though I see it only gets a "very good" rating on, which is probably the best a New Orleans IPA can hope for). Then we ate some soup, drank some tea, talked about how flakey WiFi might be improved, and then I headed home.

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