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   August 2019

01: appropriate place for a hamburger - A delicious vegan meal and a failed scooter attempt.
02: recipe for deep-vein thrombosis - A surprisingly pleasant plane flight in the very middle of an Aer Lingus jumbo jet.
03: in accordance with the precision I feel - How many digits to give the latitudes and longitudes I log in my life.
04: chemical warfare at the Garden - Someone's desire to not be bothered by insects makes him destroy the flavor of food for everyone within 20 feet.
05: avoid their wacky things - How to get a good pizza at Pie for the People!.
06: deer family déjà vu - This time with added skunk.
07: emergency commotion - A big storm causes an accident near the bottom of Dug Hill Road.
08: lawnmower versus Chinese lunch break - He had a job to do, and no homeless guy was going to keep him from doing it.
09: Marvin Gaye tribute at the Colony - The Rock Academy strikes again.
10: the healing power of dance - Gretchen and I watch a free open-air movie in Stone Ridge.
11: old chanterelles - From near the bottom of the Chamomile Headwaters trail. Maybe enough to make a meal.
12: bookshelf moved after sixteen years - The power of cat piss.
13: 42 kilobytes of basic web code - A good example of a case where a web framework wouldn't be helpful.
14: does my Trader Joe's bag make me look gay? - Also, Ramona plows through a group of moderately-cruel tweens.
15: something of a mechanism whisperer - Unsticking a key and visiting a Saugerties put put golf place.
16: visit from a job creator - Gretchen's old girlfriend Barbara comes for the weekend from Pittsburgh.
17: Barbara's Bananagrams - Gretchen's first experience with this portable Scrabble-like game.
18: headless-computer-based trauma - Things blowing up in the world of tiny computers around the house.
19: the YouTube algorithm marches on - How Youtube feed came to be filled with misogeny.
20: deck for the Waterbot - My plans for a water-navigating robot continue to advance.
21: unexpected jar of vintage marijuana - Apprently two years is a bit long for pot to stay good.
22: segmentation is not enough - Up against the limits of what my work-issued laptop can do.
23: catching the tail end of the Adirondack vacation - Despite missing most of the week we'd rented the cabin on Twenty Ninth Pond, I drive up there to catch the last day.
24: as seen from the Waterbot - I finish all of what I needed to get done on this Adirondack trip in one day.
25: Neville and Gretchen's wallet - Both make it back to Gretchen from the Adirondacks before she begins her workday.
26: all the inherent advantages of it still being August - Sunny and cool and still somehow August.
27: probably the trashiest food in the house - Watching the new Kirsten Dunst MLM televison show.
28: classes of work enjoyability - The kind of work that makes the workday most enjoyable.
29: sunflowers in the garden - There are actually two different strains this year.
30: turned out to be four-wheel-drive - A remote-controlled toy turns out to be a better robot platform than expected.
31: measurement of the state of gentrification - The old and new in Uptown Kingston near Stella's.