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   September 2019

01: shooting after sunset - Working on my Disturbatron even as the need for it is demonstrated.
02: a vast track of afternoon to dispose of - Labor Day 2019, with work on both the Disturbatron and a stone wall south of the Chamomile.
03: first sick day of the Trump regime - I don't often take sick days, but circumstances demanded that I take one today.
04: something of a black swan in that deer's life - Surprising a doe back behind my workplace.
05: frantically waving at a motion sensor light - One of those technologies that really should be totally figured out by 2019.
06: an unexpected abundance of wires - More high-end remote-controlled vehicles at the Tibetan Center thrift store.
07: no real need for books - Deciding what goes on a bookshelf in 2019. Probably not many books about computers.
08: killer solder - My rover project is sidetracked when its brain, a Raspberry Pi, proves to have been killed by a mysterious solder glob.
09: assumptions he'd made about the material universe - First test drive of the wheeled rover robot.
10: Crazy Dave's dogs and the stone wall - They menace me while I do some evening masonry, but all I do is act friendly.
11: possible Don Olin Mueller sighting - Dinner with Juliana and Lee in Woodstock.
12: tempted by pizza - But Morning Dave gives me strength.
13: debate pasta party - Peter Buttigieg impresses with his performance.
14: into the Tesla vortex - At an electric vehicle show in Uptown Kingston.
15: another problem with emulators - What about the weird non-standard keyboards? How about emulating those?
16: early LoRa adoption - Still expensive and hard to work with, but I like what it can do.
17: diner lunch in a zero crime village - Leaving the windows rolled down in Red Hook.
18: like a prayer - How LoRa is working for me lately.
19: like a fart in a space suit - The disgusting nature of humans.
20: great-grandparent research - I finally know something about a generation further back than my own grandparents.
21: Art Walk, 2019 - Art, art, revitalized ancient architecture, poorly-timed Japanese food, and the inside of a hopper freight car.
22: Ramona attends a reading - I drop off Ramona at the bookstore and stay to hear poetry read by the wife of my boss.
23: tragedy on Middle Road - Despite all the signage, someone kills a muscovy duck with his or her car.
24: adults in the guise of children - A story at Gizmodo primes a new obsession.
25: straightforward imperative - The way I think is imperative, and it works in situations where thinking other ways does not.
26: sunrise over the Esopus Valley - An unusual nine and a half hour workday.
27: Beer Authority and P.T. Kitchen - I leave work early for beer and vegan food in Manhattan.
28: Bananagrams stay-dation - For various reasons, we stay in tonight instead of going out to eat.
29: VOTE TRUMP dumptruck - Something I saw on the drive to the Tibetan Center.
30: LoRa packet sent into the bitbucket in the sky - I make progress, but still have yet to transmit a packet.