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   frantically waving at a motion sensor light
Thursday, September 5 2019
I had a landlording chore after work: to install a handrail along the side of the stairway leading down to the basement from apartment 1R in the brick mansion (that's the only apartment with its own private access to the basement). We were actually sued by a tenant who broke her ankle after falling down these stairs, a suit that was later settled by our insurance company.
On the way to the brick mansion, I stopped at Home Depot to get a 12 foot two by four (the handrail) as well as three handrail brackets. I also bought a small handsaw that will now be a permanent part of the Prius mobile tool kit. Since I was driving the Prius, my lumber hauling options were limited. But it turns out that a 12 foot two by four is easily hauled if it is put in through the back hatch, goes diagonally through the car, and then out the front passenger-side window, where it continues mostly parallel to the car several feet outside, not protruding dangerously into other lanes of traffic.
At the brick mansion, there was no way the 12 foot two by four was going to make it around the corner at the bottom of the stairs. Fortunately, I was able to open a basement window and feed it in that way. After that, my main problem was illumination. I was relying on a motion-sensor light that kept turning off and then refusing to notice me as I waved frantically. Motion-sensor lights are one of those technologies that really should be totally figured out by 2019. (Another thing on that list would be flashlights. Why do the only reliable flashlights in 2019 also happen to be multipurpose pocket computers?)

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