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Tuesday, September 17 2019
At my workplace, there is another developer who will be starting next Monday. (She will actually be our second female developer, which will make us more diverse than most software shops). My direct report (Alex) has been wanting me to move over to his side of the office for months, something I haven't done because there seemed to be a lack of consensus about it. But with the new developer coming and her needing to sit near the people I was sitting with (and not Alex and his team) I decided to finally make the move. I did so first thing this morning, moving to an identical (but different) L-shaped desk to the one I had been using, though I had to first remove all the clutter that had accumulated on top of it. I hadn't given my desk a complete cleaning in the entire year I'd used it, and it was nice to start over without all the unused clutter. My new spot is also obviously better than my old one. I'm further from the door and nobody sits (or routinely walks) behind me. I actually had been in the very same spot in the office on my first few days here a year ago, but then I'd been moved over to the other side of the office to sit near the people I was originally hired to work with. Three or so months later I was stolen away by Alex to work on the data importer that I have been working on ever since.
Later in the day, with my old L-shaped desk on the east side of the office empty and Windexed, the others who would be moving could also move, and there were a couple hours in the mid-afternoon when half or more of the office's east-siders were changing location. This involved the moving of walls as well as desks and the things that had been on desks. None of that would've happened had I not decided today was the day to move.
I had a parcel to drop off at the post office, at around noon while I was in the vicinity of the one in Red Hook, I did lunch at the diner across the street a couple hundred feet to the north (the "Historic Village Diner"). I sat by myself in a booth, something that must be so routine there that the waitress didn't bother to ask if I was waiting for someone. I got the veggie burger with fries, of course, since that's the only thing that's vegan and good (their spaghetti isn't as good as the stuff at the Plaza Diner in New Paltz). I noticed that my Prius wasn't the only one in the parking lot that had been left with the windows rolled down. At the time, Gretchen's wallet was in center console, full of cash and credit cards. Red Hook just feels like a zero-crime place.
I made another go at trying to do something useful with LoRa technology again this evening, and again I ran into trouble. The examples that seemed to work on my ESP32-based LoRa transmitter didn't call for any sort of key, and (from my understanding) there is no unencrypted communication using LoRa. So how could that possibly work? Later though, after I'd taken 100 mg of diphenhydramine, had climbed into bed, and was hungry to fall asleep, I found a video on YouTube that detailed the process step-by-step of getting a LoRa Arduino shield to communicate with a LoRa Gateway, so maybe I'll try doing that tomorrow.

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