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   October 2019

01: better communication system than prayer - First LoRa packet received.
02: racing around the sky from unusual directions - Spooky cold-weather clouds makes October seem a little more Octobery
03: October diaspora happy hour two years out - Also, a serious cardboard fire is required.
04: bored enough for a tennis ball - I take both dogs to work, and it goes about as well as that usually goes.
05: blow your whistle - Traditional folk music and the possible impeachment of a president.
06: LoRa's barriers to entry - For now everything about it leads to headaches and squandered hours. Also, a tardigrade painting.
07: a fancy toilet seat for Brewster Street - Our financial situation now is considerably better than it was two and a half years ago when we had contractor doing the work on the Brewster Street house, and we've been overcompensating for the corners we cut back then.
08: progress on my cucumber assignment - Eating it slice by slice at my desk at work.
09: how to work around such annoyances - I'm well into the acceptance phase of my Angular-induced Kübler-Rossian grieving.
10: breaking vegan news - Wildflower Café is no longer vegan, and this is not the first time I'm not the last to know something vegan-related.
11: boss move - Gretchen gets Liz Phair to sign the Golden Notebook's stock of her new memoir at a performance in Bearsville.
12: worth the wait - Mountain Gate in Woodstock continues to be weird, but the food is great.
13: having to get their hands dirty in C - What Arduino is supposed to keep people from having to do.
14: decrypting a LoRa prayer - Finally decrypting a LoRa packet.
15: baby muscovies - A life-affirming vision along Middle Road. Also, reconstructing my reporting system in a brand new environment.
16: climbing every olfactory gradient - Finding a dead body in the laboratory.
17: geese in the gusts - Migrating geese dealing with strong winds. Also, namedropping my old employer multiple times.
18: foundation is basically Hello World - Up against a fundamental problem of modern Javascript frameworks.
19: chowing down vegan food in a spiegeltent - Attending some of Hudson Valley VegFest in Uptown Kingston.
20: like interacting with a freshly-started Commodore 64 - REPL as an operating system on a microcontroller.
21: multimeter max mode - Also, one meeting redeemed by another.
22: hot tub and Tesla - Some new purchases made by our Buddhist friends.
23: fitting fixers - How I deal with leaking PVC fittings. In this case, though, the fix failed.
24: why I build stone walls - Contrasted with Angular web development.
25: wooden plate - Something so I don't have to use paper plates at work.
26: what my other grandfather looked like - I finally have a face to put with a tragic family story.
27: new email regime - Finally abandoning POP3 after 23 years of use.
28: hangover panic - Fearing the worst about the dogs when I am psychologically vulnerable.
29: hangover day two - I think this was an authentic two-day hangover.
30: anti-dog measures - The gas delivery guy sprays a mysterious cloud of white material when threatened by the dogs.
31: Halloween in the Methodist Burial Ground in Red Hook - A new place to walk Ramona, complete with a hobo camp.