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   hangover day two
Tuesday, October 29 2019
I've only had one or two two-day hangovers in my life, and the way I felt this morning seemed to be evidence of yet another one. My guts felt unsettled and slightly pained, and Ialso had a bit of headache. This all conspired to make me feel a bit miserable at work, though I've had worse on the first day of a one-day hangover. Despite all that, I made real progress on my migration of the Angular app from Angular 5 to 8. Once I had the style sheets loading correctly, it even looked good, which was the most important thing. I think I genuinely impressed the two people most interested in the results of this week-long effort. By the end of the day, though, I realized I'd worked from an old copy of the code, meaning I would kind of have to do it all over again. But having done it once, I had the experience to know what every console error meant, and I also had copies of the code showing how precisely I'd responded in every case.
By the end of work, I wasn't feeling quite 100%, but it was another day of Gretchen being gone, so I felt I owed myself a little more drinking. So I drank a couple beers and, importantly, remembered to eat. I made multiple sandwiches containing cucumbers, tofu, faux meat, and lettuce between slices of rosemary-flavored artisanal bread.
I'd been watching the dogs all day on a Raspberry-Pi-based surveillance camera, and they spent nearly all of their time in the bed in the upstairs bedroom. At some point Ramona got up and went outside to piss (and probably other things). Then she puttered around the yard, checking all her usual spots. I think Neville also got up and went outside for just a moment. But they were both back in bed when I returned home. I gave them both bright orange and red hunting-season collars and took them for a walk on the Farm Road, where they quickly went off on their own. They stayed out for a couple hours, coming home after dark.
I fixed myself an orange juice with gin just before bed, and it seemed to rekindle my intestinal discomfort from earlier in the day. My plan for tomorrow would be to not drink any alcohol or take any sorts of mind-altering substances aside from caffeine.

Another sunrise over the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge.

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