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   November 2019

01: power outage at home and at work - I leave work early because I can't get anything done there.
02: a methy evening in Saugerties - Things get so weird there that we retreat to the Hudson Valley Mall.
03: had I seen an ad for adderall - A little white ash gathering and Gretchen's website actually gets hacked.
04: white privilege and pussy pasta - A sendoff for Morning Dave and spending nearly $30 when buying a $1 plate.
05: splits - Suddenly our house is full of heat pumps.
06: math skills and the employees of Home Depot - In a situation where creativity and math skills would prove useful, Home Depot employees don't have what it takes.
07: avoiding pipes in the slab - Drilling a hole through the radiant slab for drainage.
08: slurping away the clay - Getting the new drain to work in the boiler room.
09: not quite as bad as Waiting for Godot - Fun with an open circuit breaker box and suffering through a series of performances of community theatre.
10: wiring across finished ceiling joists - Running wire in a finished basement is slow and dirty work.
11: quick disconnnect never connect - A fly in the split wiring ointment.
12: judging by how yarfy the dogs became - A walk at dusk with the dogs isn't enough to wear them out. Also, finishing the most dangerous part of the recent electrical wiring.
13: revisiting Minitool Partition Wizard - I'd somehow forgotten that the free EaseUS tool is a piece of junk.
14: back from Boise - It's pronounced 'boy-see'.
15: understanding the circuit breaker ecosystem - They're both more and less interchangeable than you might think.
16: craving trashy Mexican food - Cancuns in Red Hook totally hits the spot.
17: effective dowsing - Looking for a magnet through 3/4 inch of OSB.
18: Ramona in the Gunther Room - Neville with a deer hoof and solving the mystery of where Ramona went.
19: sometimes you just have to cut a hole - Trying to snake all the wire you need to run is all well and good until trying to do it starts eating up your evening.
20: fox surveillance - Encountering the local wildlife hoping to spy on Ramona.
21: watching Anneke van Giersbergen age - Drinking and watching YouTube videos after my boss gets mad at me.
22: a pizza arrives at Two Ravens - This Uptown Bar doesn't actually have any food any more, so a pizza gets ordered.
23: Big Fun Morgan at Tubby's - I hadn't seen him in 17 years. In that time, he'd had a kid, quit drinking, and launched a successful music career.
24: good thing I didn't use that SSD - If you don't keep all that much of your changing data on your boot drive, it's easier just to regress back to a known good installation, even one as old as a year, than to install a Windows operating system from scratch.
25: why was I so sleepy? - Mystery desire to curl up into a ball and sleep after eating black bean salad and trashy Tostitos corn chips.
26: late November bats and moths - It's a little warm for this time of year. Also, Gretchen experiences some FOMO.
27: Denisovans and tardigrades - Talking with the inlaws after work the day before Thanksgiving.
28: Thanksgiving 2019 - Gretchen's parents come with us to Brooklyn. Also: Ashley tells me about her White House tour back in the George W. Bush administration.
29: wiring above the Gunther room - Using several tools, including one made just for this project.
30: trends with light fixtures - Some of them no longer accept bulbs.