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   December 2019

01: any password I want - If it's my device, shouldn't I be able to dictate the password policy?
02: snowstorm mobility - Off to see Thurston Moore on a snowy evening.
03: freezer food in the refrigerator - Eventually it develops spots of mold.
04: one has to exaggerate characteristics - A trick to interpreting photographs in paintings.
05: Hannaford tour, 2019 - In pursuit of the best tofu they carry.
06: letting her digestive system sort it out - Ramona finds a baked good in the snow. Also, a dinner party featuring manicotti.
07: my poor left hand - It experiences its third assault in three months, and also loses my wedding ring. Also, dinner with prison educators in Highland.
08: over a hundred gallons wasted - Draining and resoldering a pipe, only to find it still leaks, so I fix it a different way.
09: good thing I'd hoarded those scraps - A use for scrap pieces of standing-seam roofing.
10: I like peaty - A unsolicited booze recommendation on a balmy day in December in Red Hook, NY.
11: an uncomfortable temperature that woke me - Mixing bathing with alcohol and diphenhydramine. Also, some pictures of greater Red Hook in snow.
12: Neville the snuggler - A cold evening in Hurley.
13: having to plunge twice - Two toilet traumas, turkeys, and a hitchhiker.
14: tiny vegan portions in Germantown - Meeting vegan friends at a non-vegan restaurant.
15: a nice place to put drywall scraps - Also, spending nearly all the daylight on firewood salvaging.
16: last salvage before the storm - I thought the indoor supply needed yet more perfectly-dry wood.
17: when you're white and know enough not to wear sweat pants - Dinner party conversation, including how to avoid a criminal record.
18: Neville's day with a deer hide - And how I got it away from him.
19: flying non-stop to India in coach - The beginning of a 14 hour flight.
20: winter in Gurugram - Settling into our hotel in an office-park suburb of Delhi.
21: pharmaceutical mixup in Gurugram - Gretchen forgets to bring her antidepressant and tries a substitute suggested by a Gurugram pharmacist.
22: unbroken - All the problems from yesterday are solved in Gurugram. And then the Veg Voyage begins.
23: Bharatpur Bird Sancturary - Bike riding to see wildlife before sunset.
24: Taj Mahal - A touristy day on the VegVoyages tour.
25: Chand Baori - Also, a David Lynchian Christmas celebration.
26: there's a limit - Various events in around Kishangarh castle, including Gretchen's fondness for street puppies.
27: bindis for benefactors - Doling out pencils and such at two village schools.
28: Jain reunion festival - Unexpected guests of an event happening in the beautiful Rajasthan village of Ghanerao.
29: mad monkey mother - Gretchen slightly crosses a line with the wildlife outside a Jain temple.
30: caffeine withdrawal in a Jain temple - Fortunately I found some Nescafe prior to taking the best tuk-tuk ride ever.
31: caffeine crash in the palace - The downside of finally making it across a caffeine desert.