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Tuesday, December 10 2019
It's been an unusually cold December, but today there was a break in the weather and temperatures rose into the 50s. I really should've found a better way to experience the day than driving to the Grog Shop in the middle of Red Hook and buying booze, but that was what I did. That's the place that doesn't sell big plastic bottles of gin, so when I go there I am forced to buy a big plastic bottle of vodka, in this case Gary's Good Vodka. (I like that it's not going too far out on a limb to sing its own praises, which would be absurd coming from a $13 two-litre bottle.) I always get a more expensive bottle one-litre bottle of some sort of brown liquor with my gin or vodka, and when the shopkeeper saw me eying a $25 bottle of Islay Mist scotch, he said he thought it was a great whiskey for the price, though it was "a bit peaty." "I like peaty," I replied. Usually when I buy scotch, I buy the cheapest single-malt in the shop, but this one is blended. I'll report back later.

This week I've been adding frontend-building features to the Python script I've been writing that automatically "builds" the backend for an Angular app based only on a SQL database and configuration JSON. You read that right. In addition to building C# files and stored procedures, it's now also building Angular model files and even a services file written in TypeScript. If all goes to plan, the only real hand-coding will be in the rendering of the views (and, of course, custom work added to the programmatically-created files).

A birdfootesque stick in the snow near where I park my car at my workplace.

Thaw puddles behind the building where I work. Click to enlarge.

Condensation on the concrete covered walkway in front of the building where I work. Note the birdsfootesque crack.

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