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   Hannaford tour, 2019
Thursday, December 5 2019
This morning on the way to work, I went by the brick mansion to investigate yet another leak that had developed near the boiler. There was a small puddle on the floor, and it took some careful searching before I found its source: a tiny pinprick leak in a solder joint in one of the high-pressure pipes. The rate of the leak was such that it didn't constitute an emergency, but it would definitely have to be fixed.
The guy I'm working with remotely on this project where I've automated the creation of a quick and dirty backend ended up making a very good contribution to the Python script that does that automation. His script allows us to place special hand-coded versions of stored procedures in a particular directory which the script will read from, using those versions in preference to the algorithmically-created ones. This will allow the script to play a much longer roll in development than it otherwise would.

When I got home this afternoon from work, I immediately carried in the rest of that tree I'd salvaged yesterday. Gretchen was gone at the time, and the dogs were excited for a walk, as they always are when they've been alone. Unlike yesterday, though, I found time to take them.
When Gretchen got home from wherever she'd been, she was bearing an unexpected gift: an Impossible Burger from the Kingston Yum Yum. It really is a massive sandwich when its all yours to eat. It also comes with an impressive salad with delicious oily Asian sauce.
Gretchen was busy getting ready for lots of food preparation when she suddenly realized she didn't have tofu. So I volunteered to get her some from the Uptown Hannaford (aka "Ghettoford"). The brand she wanted was called Heiwa; the alternative was Nasoya, which she finds inedible (though I have snuck it into foods I've prepared). But then it turned out that the only fofu sold at Ghettoford was Nasoya, forcing me to drive out to the somewhat bigger Hannaford out on 9W, where Gretchen knew Heiwa tofu would be. Another Hannaford with Heiwa tofu is the one in Red Hook. I'm not sure about the one at Hurley Ridge.

Snow along Middle Road south of Red Hook this afternoon, entering the "watch out for ducks zone" from the east. Note the light from the setting sun.

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