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   last salvage before the storm
Monday, December 16 2019
This evening when I got home from work, I wanted to take advantage of the fading daylight to get a little more ready-to-burn wood from the west side of the Farm Road, where such wood would be most likely to be found. I quickly found and felled a dry (that is, long dead) standing chestnut oak about six inches in diameter. I processed most of it into a very heavy backpack load, which I added to the indoor wood supply.  Well after dark, I grabbed a flashlight and retrieved the remaining wood, which was in the form of a single five-foot-long segment of trunk about four inches in diameter. I wanted to bring home all the dry wood I could get before the arrival of a predicted winter storm.
Tonight, while Gretchen was off teaching her last prison poetry class of the year, I had another dinner of tacos filled with chili and shredded lettuce.  This was my third chili-based meal in a row, and I'd yet to weary of it.  I took a 100 mg dose of diphenhydramine a little before 7:00pm.

Pre-sunrise this morning viewed through the east living room windows at about 7:00am.

The state of indoor firewood tonight after this evening's salvage. There is still some wood that needs to be dried on or around the woodstove.

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