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Wednesday, November 13 2019
Today would be so cold that last night in anticipation I'd turned on the boiler for the first time this season. Temperatures never rose above freezing and, when the sun wasn't shining, quickly fell into the teens.
This morning I drove to work at the earliest time so far, arriving at my desk a little after 7:00am. I hadn't slept well the night before, so the day ended up being a bit hard to get through. But I nevertheless made great progress on the python script I've been writing in an effort to automate the construction of a backend API. I don't have much experience writing in the C# programming language, though the job of telling Python how to produce runnable C# code is proving to be the best introduction to C# thus far. (I have a lot of experience making one programming language produce programs that run in another, mostly PHP or ASP creating either Javascript or SQL.)
I had an unusually bad case of the farts today, and initially I couldn't figure out why. After a visit to the men's room produced a burning sensation in my escape hatch, I figured it out: the gas was coming from the falafel sandwich that I'd had yesterday. That was the only spicy thing I'd eaten in the past 24 hours.
At the end of the day, I took the dogs for another walk through the brutal pre-winter chill.
Recently I'd decided to upgrade the SSD in my work-issued laptop to 1 TB. I bought the replacement with my own money with the thought being that, when the time comes to turn the laptop back in, I would do so with the old SSD I just took out, thereby keeping for myself my work in its final state. I'd actually done the copying of the SSD contents yesterday with the idea that I would swap out the media at work. But I needed a torx screwdriver to do that, and there were no such tools in the office. So I had to do the copying a second time this evening. The original plan was to use the free version of EaseUS Partition Master. But it seemed as if something had changed with the licensing terms of that program since I'd installed it, and it wouldn't do any partition copying without my paying for an upgrade. Fortunately, there's a program called Minitool Partition Wizard that works just as well. (Apparently I'd forgotten the things I'd learned the last time I'd done this.) I should also mention that opening my work-issued HP Envy laptop conspired to destroy my fingernails until I went off to get some spudgers designed for opening smart phones. Even with this equipment, I managed to slice open the tip of my left index finger on the razor-sharp edge of the pan-like metal piece forming the laptop's base.
The plan for tonight was to keep things relaxing and low-energy so I'd be able to pay back my sleep deficit. But Gretchen would be returning from Boise tonight, so I had to straighten up, particularly the dining room table, which had been an important staging area for my recent electrical work.

The dogs viewed remotely today.

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