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   judging by how yarfy the dogs became
Tuesday, November 12 2019
Rain fell during my early-morning drive to work, but soon after crossing the Hudson, it began to change to snow. By the time I was unlocking the door of the empty office, one could say it was snowing. Despite the snow, most of my colleagues managed to come in to work.
At work today, I expanded the scope of the Python script I've been writing, making it create Dotnet Core controllers as well as models (all written in C#). Whenever I wade into the unknown of building out some functionality like this, I'm always nervous at first that perhaps I'm doing something stupid. But then I become comfortable with it and see over the hill to something even more exotic.
At lunchtime, I drove down to Rhinebeck so I could buy larger romex clamps at William's Lumber. While in that area, I thought I'd get myself a falafel at Aba's Falafel, the only business I have any reason to patronize in that potemkin village. The owner Cathy showed up just as I was suffering through the most nose-runny part of my over-spiced falafel experience. We talked about a few things [REDACTED]. She also said that her feelings about Rosendale are much like my feelings about Rhinebeck, and that it all dates back to an occasion when she was convinced to sell falafel during the Rosendale Summer Street Festival, only to learn that there were two other falafel merchants at the same festival!

As I'd done yesterday, the first thing I did once I got home was to take the dogs for a walk, this time south down the Farm Road and then back home atop the bluff that runs west of the Farm Road. Another polar air mass was arriving, and temperatures were cold enough that it took Ramona a few minutes to acclimate herself. Judging by how yarfy the dogs became after we returned to the house, they haven't been getting their usual amount of exercise. (I've been watching them over a remote video feed, and they mostly just lie in bed the whole time I'm at work.)
With the dog walking out of the way, I could turn my attention back to the split electrification project. Today's goals were modest: to properly wire-up the main circuit breaker panel (the most dangerous part of any wiring job, since it has to be done in a live box) and to clean up all the mess I'd been making. That doesn't take much effort to describe, but getting all that done took three hours of my evening. Only then could I do things like make myself burritos (using the sauteed mushrooms and onions leftover from a couple days ago) and engage in some light recreational alcohol consumption.

The dogs spending their day in bed, as seen by one of my surveillance robots.

Today's dusting of snow, as seen by the surveillance robot on the woodshed.

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