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Monday, November 25 2019
At noon, I made my weekly run to the Red Hook Hannaford, where I mostly bought refrigerator-destined staples for the house. There aren't a lot of appealing ready-to-eat vegan options at that particular Hannaford, but today I found a new one: a black bean salad containing green peppers and cucumbers, among other things. Combined with a bag of Tostitos Multigrain Black Bean & Garlic Flavored Tortilla Chips, I thought they'd make for a nice alternative to the usual pupusas and sauerkraut that I normally eat. I ended up heating up a couple of pupusas anyway, though I avoided the sauerkraut.
I don't know if there was some sort of narcotic or food poisoning in any of what I ate, but by about 2:00pm, I felt as if I'd eaten 100 milligrams of diphenhydramine or perhaps a couple xanaxes. I desperately wanted to curl up somewhere and go to sleep, but of course I was at work and had to power through it. By 3:00pm I'd pretty much recovered.
Back at the house, the only real chore I focused on was applying another layer of spackle to all the places where I am restoring the drywall after the recent round of split electrification.
Meanwhile, earlier today Gretchen had had a carpet-cleaning professional come by to steam-clean all our area rugs, hopefully eradicating all traces of cat piss in a few of them. We're gradually turning into the Fussies, that is, the constantly-changing cast of homeowners at That 80s House across the street, who always have some contractor van parked in front of their house supplying some kind of service. Our household income is now enough to support such extravagance, and indications are that it will soon be increasing even further. As we often put it, "the rich get richer."

What the laboratory looks like when I'm away at work, looking directly at my Woodchuck workstation and the wheelchair I would sit in if I were there. Click to enlarge.

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