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Wednesday, October 23 2019
This morning on the way to work, I stopped at our brick mansion apartment rental on Downs Street to see if I could fix a leaking PVC pipe. One of the tenants had taken pictures, and I figured I could deploy my usual fix for fittings that have been imperfectly glued: taking a C-shaped piece of a similar-sized fitting, covering its inside with glue, and sliding it tight against the spot along the fitting that appears to be leaking. This has worked several times in the past for fittings ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches. I'd prepared C-shaped "fitting-fixers" for both four and three inch PVC and even brought rubber gloves and a gallon of water in case I found myself dealing with sewer water. Happily, though, the leak was actually coming from the PVC exhaust pipe for the boiler, which burns natural gas. (Boilers these days are so efficient that their fumes can be carried off by plastic pipes!) Unfortunately, the leak proved either too big or inconvenient to fix with my technique. What's more, I got PVC glue on left hand, where it caused irritation on the knuckle of my index finger and also in the space between that finger and the adjacent middle finger.

My suffering at the hands of Angular continued for my entire workday today. I kept encountering errors centered around missing @types, and none of the answers on Stack Overflow were proving helpful. I then tried experimenting with various combinations of things in tsconfig.json (and also, which for some reason also exists). Eventually though, after doing a deeper dive in my Google results, I found the StackOverflow answer that solved the particular problem I was on. It turned out that I needed to get rid of the "types" array from, something someone apparently discovered entirely by accident (and which doesn't appear to be in any documentation anywhere). Ordeals like this sent me off in search of a funny (if somewhat inaccurate) article entitled " Why Angular Made Me Quit Web Dev." Partly as catharsis and partly as a joke, I sent a link to this article to my boss Alex. Alex accused me (somewhat facetiously) of being disgruntled, but he took the article enough to heart to send a link to Marcus, the guy who directs a group of remote Angular developers somewhere in Ukraine. Alex asked me what the alternatives to Angular were, and I said that at this point there really aren't any. All the alternatives (except perhaps vanilla JS) are probably just as bad: they're bloated, they're constantly changing, they have steep learning curves, and they don't really solve any problems that actually need to be solved. Angular does have the advantages of being free, open, and supported by one of the best development teams out that exists (Google employees). And, in our case, it's a fact on the ground. I can grumble about it all I want, but changing to something else would be foolish.

Back at the house, I was able to get in a little more work on my stone wall, where I continued adding buttresses and bulk to thin spots in the wall's middle. (There are a number of places where the top eighteen inches of the wall is no more than six inches thick.) Such beefing-up is large unnecessary further east along the wall, which I tended to build in a slower, better-planned manner.
I took 100 mg of diphenhydramine before taking a bath, meaning I wasn't up long after toweling off.

Ramona today in the field behind the office complex. Her ears are almost completely invisible!

The freshly-completed culvert at the entrance of our driveway.

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