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Sunday, October 6 2019
The house was cold and there was a lot of close snuggling happening in the night. I got up fairly early and immediately took the dogs for a walk counterclockwise through the forest starting on the Farm Road and ending on the Stick Trail, where I did yet more work on the stone wall. Conditions weren't ideal for working outdoors; temperatures were in the 50s, the sky was overcast, and occasionally a light drizzle would fall. It was so cold in the house this morning that I actually burned a few sticks of actual firewood, the first firewood burn of the season. By this evening, though, conditions had warmed up and I no longer felt the need to run a fire.
Gretchen would be coming home tonight, so if I wanted to drink alcohol today, I would have to produce some art. That was how I came to paint a magical waterbear on a small three inch by three inch black canvas.
Later I loaded the dogs up in the car and drove to Uptown Kingston just to get liquor. Not only did the laboratory liquor stash need a reup, so did the dustier, top-shelfier liquor cabinet in our living room. I ended up getting a bottle of mid-range Japanese rice vodka and the cheapest single malt scotch for the living room and a big two litre bottle of cheap gin for the laboratory. I went well out of my way to visit the Tibetan Center thrift store on the way home, but of course there was nothing there I wanted. That place hasn't been as fun since Rob had to retire.
In the mid-afternoon, I made a chili which used, in addition to the usual ingredients, several enormous tomatoes given to us by our neighbor Andrea from an organic garden she maintains for a wealthy landscaping enthusiast. The tomatoes contributed so much water that initially the chili was more of a bean soup, and I ate two bowls of it in this form. It was amazing! Later this evening, Andrea came over with even more tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. (Gretchen hates cucumbers, but I eat them a slice at a time until they're gone just like potato chips.)

This evening my motivation was weak due to alcohol consumption, but I nevertheless attempted to get a 433 MHz LoRa gateway working. But, this being LoRa, my efforts were quickly thwarted. An early roadblock was discovering that TheThingNetwork wasn't offering me a 433 MHz option on its gateway configuration page. The benefits of using LoRa are huge, but there are still a great many barriers to entry, suggesting this could be a lucrative technology to master. It would be nice to get to the point where I can put LoRa on my resume, but for now everything about it leads to headaches and squandered hours.

The waterbear painting. Waterbears are also called tardigrades.

For all the fans of kaleidoscopy.

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