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   something of a black swan in that deer's life
Wednesday, September 4 2019
Ramona the Dog and I ranged a little east of where we normally go back behind the building complex where I work. This time we were briefly in a mature forest, where we came upon a doe deer who stared at us momentarily in seeming disbelief before running off. Evidently a person with a dog was something of a black swan in that deer's life. Ramona only became aware of the deer after she was gone, and briefly followed her scent until I made it clear we wouldn't be tracking deer today.

After another great day of just-in-time algorithmics, I drove straight to Woodstock with the goal of picking up Neville from the bookstore so Gretchen wouldn't have to take him to a poetry reading she'd be doing at the Ashokan Center. The idea was that we could go get falafel from Aba's Falafel at the Wednesday Woodstock Farm Festival and have a quick dinner before I drove home with the dogs. But when we got to the festival, we found that for some reason Aba's was a no-show. So then we thought we'd try Sharky's, a meatball place near the bookstore that supposedly has a vegan meatball. (Gretchen has never patronized the place because, well, it's a store specializing in meatballs of a non-vegan nature.) But, freakishly, that place was closed too. So Gretchen headed off to the Garden Café to get something to go while I drove back home hungry. On the way, I stopped at the Tibetan Center thrift store. They had a Netgear Nighthawk router, but it was priced at $40, which seemed like a lot to pay at that place. There was also a nice big remote-controlled car (without remote) that could be used as another robot platform. But I know from experience that nobody buys those things except me, so I just let it stew in its own thrift-store juices.
Back at the house, I ate the leftover noodles with peanut sauce and braised tofu from last night, and it was almost as good as fresh falafel. I climbed into bed early and watched most of two episodes of the second season of Ozark. I could tell I wasn't enjoying it that much, because I found myself paying close attention to what fraction of the second episode I had watched and what fraction remained, like I was watching the clock during a boring day at work.

Me walking Ramona in the fields and forest behind my workplace today.

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