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   sunrise over the Esopus Valley
Thursday, September 26 2019
An indication of how early I drive to work every day is this picture that I took of the sun rising through the fog above the Esopus Valley along Hurley Mountain Road this morning at around 7:10am (taken from 41.925499N, 74.082452W):

I ended up staying at work an hour and a half past my usual departure time this afternoon, meaning that I put in a nine and a half hour day. Alex and I were trying to nail down the numbers on the new data import parser I'd recently developed for my data importing system, and some of our time was spent on the phone with the client (who happened to be down in Kentucky, in a place where you can actually be taxed for having unmined coal beneath your property). Our numbers weren't adding up, though this might've had something to do with the fact that some of the values from some columns that I was adding together should've been subtracted. How was I to know what to do; it wasn't as if there was any documentation for me to consult. My colleague Jon had done the import in a completely ad-hoc manner last year, and the scripts he'd used were scattered across several computers, one of which wasn't even connected to an ethernet cable. But staying as long as I was needed this evening seemed important considering that I had plans to leave work tomorrow early, at around 1:00pm, to do something with Gretchen.


Since I wouldn't be having my weekly road beer tomorrow, I had a Lagunitas Supercluster on the drive home tonight.

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