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   first sick day of the Trump regime
Tuesday, September 3 2019 [REDACTED]
It's the busy season in the line of work I do, so I really wanted to make it to work today. But after being up and unable to fall asleep since something like 3:00am, I didn't think I could do it. When I rose to my feet and walked around, my unsteadiness told me that I shouldn't be driving anything resembling a motor vehicle. So, as my workday began, I updated the calendar and sent a Slack message to my boss Alex saying I couldn't make it due to illness. It was the first sick day I'd taken since I'd begun working at Mercy For Animals (the job I'd had before this one). I wasn't the only one calling in sick today, but I was probably the only one who was actually sick. The day after Labor Day is probably a big one for people to take as a sick day, especially when they are perfectly healthy.
By this point, my symptoms included having the driest mouth I have ever experienced. It was so dry that I couldn't eat bread, and when I swallowed, my throat felt dry as well. I didn't have much of an appetite anyway, and the moment I'd managed to swallow a small bolus of bread, I immediately required antacids. Gretchen then made me a smoothie, and somehow I was able to drink the whole thing.
Despite not making it to work, I dutifully handled the few tasks that Alex tossed me throughout the day (he seemed irritated that I'd called in sick, perhaps initially assuming I was just trying to extend my weekend).
I'd been working (and, for my condition, I'd been working hard) on the living room couch. Eventually, though, I relocated to the greenhouse upstairs and stayed there for the rest of the workday, eventually taking a nap at around 3:00pm.
I took another nap in the early evening back in the house, and when I awoke from that, I was producing a small amount of saliva and had recovered my appetite. This was just in time for a delicious peanut-noodle-with-braised-tofu dish that Gretchen had whipped up in the kitchen.
Not long after dinner, I started a laundry, took a bath, and crawled into bed at around 9:00pm.

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