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Wednesday, May 6 2020
After she got off work at the bookstore in Woodstock this afternoon, Gretchen brought home some vegan ravioli from Sunflower, which she made with red sauce and asparagus that I'd bought on Tuesday in Red Hook. She was on the phone with one of her former prisoner-students as she worked in the kitchen. Then, when our dinner was ready to eat, he didn't pick up on the clues that she wanted to end the conversation and eat that dinner, even after she said that she was now going to eat. Gretchen isn't very good at winding down phone conversations, though it may just be that she likes talking on the phone more than I do. In this case, though, based on the things she was pantomiming (mostly forms of suicide) she really did want to end the call. But then she'd introduce a new subject that would then have to be discussed. You can't introduce new topics when you're trying to end a conversation. "No new topics!" I urged in a way that required Gretchen to read my lips. But even then, the call dragged on. About a minute before the call mercifully ended, Gretchen put our ravioli in the microwave, since it by then had gone cold. Jeopardy! seems to be on hiatus this week, as I haven't found any new episodes to download. So we watched an old Shark Tank instead.

A cardinal today.

The red squirrel who lives near the brownhouse is still around.

There are notches in the squirrel's ear, suggesting past scuffles with predators.

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